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Lingk: Could you tell us a bit about the new album, “NY to LA”?

Well, this project is kind of a call to arms—to everyone around the nation.
Is one thing to complain that its the government's faults or this person's fault,
but its another thing to step up and start being part of the solution. Whether is homelessness, joblessness or anything else in our country which we believe could
be better. As the song says; “It's time to come together and bring a change,”
and through God's love bring change to our country.

Lingk2us: So is this the running theme through most of the album?

It is! its a running theme which says; let's not just talk about change,
but let's be the change. This movement, is not about just bringing awareness,
but about committing to make the solution happen. We know it's a tough step,
and we're sure not saying that we have all the answers, but it's the way the
“Dream Center” was born.

Lingk2us: How did the “Dream Center” and Press/Play come about?

Well, about 15 years ago I was with Matthew Barnett's dad in Phoenix,
when Matthew decided to come out to LA to start the”Dream Center,” (a church
that would be open 24 hours a day 7 days a week) and about a year or so later
I came out to help musically. Like many bands, Press/Play was born out of a
cause. All of its members are out in the streets helping in the 200 or so “Dream
Center” programs—and very involved in people's lives. So this is one of those
things were the outreach means more than the music.

Lingk2us: So, I'm guessing that everyone who's is part of the band has
some sort of musical background?

Oh Yea! I grew up in Nashville Tennessee, and have been in music all my
life . And the other members are from everywhere from Kansas City to New York
and with great musical backgrounds. But again, each one came here not for the
music first, but to serve, and the talent was secondary. That's how God just put
the band together.

Lingk2us: Is it true that most of the proceeds from the album sales go
to support the work of the ”Dream Center”?

Yea, actually a portion of all the sales go to support the work of the
“Dream Center”.

Linkg2us: Now, let's talk about the new album...What cuts should we
look out for (what's your personal favorite?)

I think my favorite cut might be the second release, which is “Getcha
Hands Up.” This particular cut was produced by Theron Feemster (acclaimed
producer for Rhianna and many others) is similar in feel to our first release
(NY 2 LA) and has a great tune which has just taken-off completely, and we
are so excited about.

Linkg2us: What is the difference between this and the first album?

I believe this one is way more danceable and way more universally
“hooky,” because the songs are so easy to sing. Its part of a broader genre
that all ages seem to just be jumping on.

Lingk2us: I see there's a new female singer, what became of the
original girl?

Page Atkins ( Sinbad's daughter) was the first girl. And though she is
just phenomenal and still part of our church out here in L.A, we always knew
that she did always have her solo career. So in going in, we knew that with
our schedules, it would be hard to collaborate on more than one project and
our time together would be short—but she's just phenomenal and we love her
to death. You know, God always seems to upgrade you when you think oh,
how would we ever make it? And Zada K (our new female singer) is even
more amazing for such a time as this.

Lingk2us: Who are your musical influences?

I listen to everything on the top ten of each chart. I try to stay up with
it, because if those are my competitors (not musically), for other people's hearts—
then those are the messages that I need to compete with so that I can get our
message across. I want to know musically what's turning our kids hears to them
and I want to know how to turn their ears toward us. My target is not main-
stream and is not Christian, but is the ears and hearts of our young people.

Lingk2us: What's playing in your ipod?

Wow, I love U2, Black Eye Pea...

Linkg2us: Well O.K! (laughing)

But I'll never listen to anything explicit. It irritates me to death to think,
gosh! God gave you a talent and you should use it for the glory of God...but I
won't go off into that tangent...I also love “Group 1 Crew” Great guy's (good
friends of mine). I love Hillsong, they are also just great people. And again, I
rather look at the life rather than the talent and the people behind the music
than just the music.

Linkg2us: So far, what has been the most significant part of your
musical journey?

Well I 'll tell ya... The most life changing accident happened to me last
July, almost exactly to the date. I was backing my car out of the drive way,
when I noticed that my wife had parked right behind me. And so when I got
out to move her car (but left my truck in reverse) and when I turned around,
(because these people were yelling at me) my SUV rolled completely over
me and dragged me 30 feet into the street and I was pinned under it. They
actually had to drive it back off of me! Blood was pouring out of my mouth
and though I couldn't move, I was still conscious and yelled for them to get
my wife in the house, and so she runs out and I 'm just laying there in a
pretzel and she began praying for me. That was on a Thursday. On Sunday
morning I woke up in the hospital, and my lungs were filling up with fluid, and
I went in to hearth failure. I can still remember hearing the people around me
saying “you have got to watch pastor Matt on the internet, they are having
services and he is praying for you”. So I watched, and though things were not
looking good for me, while they were praying for me God began touching my
body. Eight days later I was wheeled out of the hospital to recover at home
for eight weeks and eight weeks later I returned to the stage to lead worship.
I'll tell ya' If you saw me and knew me then, you would have never know there
was an accident. Since then, I see everything from a different set of eyes and
the cause of this project is even more heighten. And that is to change lives.

Linkg2us: What inspires you?

Knowing that what I put my hands to will have a lasting effect on some-
one's life and is bringing glory to God—inspires me. Specially after my accident...
If its not for that, then what are we doing then? what is the point.

Linkg2us: So tell us, what else happens at the “Dream Center”?

Well, as I mentioned earlier, about 16 years ago Mathew Barnett came
here to open a church who's doors would be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Open to any body who needed anything, and from that, we have now be-
come over 180 “Dream Center's” world wide. And it all started right here in L.A. Today, the “Dream Center has over 200 outreach programs into the community, from rescuing prostitutes off the streets, people under the bridges to the 'elite',
'the Hollywood elite', human trafficking and just on, and on, and on. It's one
thing to take somebody some food or get them some food, but unless you take
them out of that environment where they are in, they don't have a chance.

Beyond that there's also housing. We permanently house 700 people a week.
Court and parole officers bring individuals here (or we'll get them off the streets)
and we cloth them, feed them, help them get their GED, provide them with job
training and take care of them for a year or some times two or even three years,
if that's what it takes. And so we take them off of drugs, out of this, out of that
and get them to be productive citizens of society again.

Linkg2us: What's next for Press/Play?

Well that would be the tour. From July 29th through November 18th.
We will be out there doing one thing—changing lives. Secondly, our goal through
this tour is to raise a million dollars to start our emancipation program. I don't
know if you are familiar with that, but the movie “Precious” brought some aware-
ness to it. And what it is, is that we have within our 200 licensed programs things like foster care. Now, the emancipation thing is were the foster care system, at
the age of 18 cuts off financial aid to the parents of those children, because they
are adults (which does make sense), but in so many cases where that child be-
cause of his or her surroundings is not ready, (just like in the film “Precious”) gets lost in the system, because people give up, he or she becomes homeless again and never get the chance to live a productive life. So we are starting an emancipation program, which is going to cost that much to get running for its first couple of
years. And so we are going on this 100 city tour free of charge and we're simply taking love offerings to try to raise that. And that's what's next!